January 2, 2024

Blazing Trails: GripTape’s First 500 Challengers

In 2023 we returned to our first 500 alumni, the trailblazers who helped build and refine the GripTape model between 2016 and 2019. Now 18–26 years old, these young adults are the experts on why GripTape matters. They are living the answer to our question, “What else?” in two inspiring ways:

First, as young adults, they continue seeking, finding, creating, and accepting new challenges and opportunities. As teens, their Learning Challenge propelled them forward. It made them sure of their growing competence, certain in their ability to find their way, and unafraid to head in new directions. Now, it’s as if they hold a compass that helps them stay oriented to their “true north,” navigate through inevitable tough patches, and explore new routes. 

Second, they are inviting more teenagers into youth-driven learning experiences. Four to seven years after being a Challenger, our founding alumni create spaces for youth to learn what and how they want, inspire young people to pursue their interests and passions, and still share the GripTape Learning Challenge opportunity with teens. As a result, the impact of each individual’s GripTape experience ultimately extends far beyond them. 

Through GripTape, teens get a clear message that growth can happen within them on their own terms. With a relatively small investment of time and money, they grow. And they carry what they learn into adulthood with impact far beyond just their own lives. Read on to learn more about how GripTape’s trailblazers are boldly finding their way and helping others do the same.