It's simple.

You are eligible if…

you are 14-19 years old

you live in the U.S.

you need resources to pursue your interest

You’re In Control

You’re completely in charge. Seriously. It’s all up to you.

This Isn’t Academic

No grades. No assignments. This is about learning what and how you want on your own time.

Things to know before applying

Just answer four questions to apply.
That’s it!

What’s your passion?

Why is this important to you?

What do you plan to learn?

How will you learn it?

Applications are open Jan 1–31, May 1–31, Sept 1–30

Apply in your own way!

You can write an essay, submit a video, or share a presentation. You decide. You can see examples of strong applications and why we loved them below.

Passion Explorer

Not sure what you’re passionate about learning? Check out some ideas and get inspired!

Examples of strong applications

Starting a Podcast

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Learning to Mountain Bike

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Homeless Women & Feminine Hygiene

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Building a Makeup Business

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Creating a Cosplay

Check it out>>

Studying Antibiotic Resistance

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Ready to apply?

Applications are open Jan 1–31, May 1–31, Sept 1–30

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?
What kinds of Challenges have been completed?
Can I apply with a friend or group?
Oh, shoot! I missed the deadline. What should I do?
What is a Champion?
What is the Champion’s role in my Learning Challenge?
What if my Learning Challenge doesn’t last the full 10 weeks?
Can I use my grant to pay for school or a class?
How will I contact my Champion?
Will I need to document my check-ins with my Champion?
How and when will I receive my grant?
Will I need to document my spending?
What if it doesn’t go as planned? (a.k.a., what if I “fail”?)
Do I have to write a final report or make a presentation?
What if my Learning Challenge isn’t complete after 10 weeks?
And then what?