Why was GripTape started?

Let’s face it. Most learning experiences you’ve had probably involved other people (a.k.a., adults) setting the goals, curriculum, deadlines, rules, and boundaries — and even grading your performance.

This robs you of the opportunity to pursue your own interests and passions in your own way.

Imagine flipping that on its head. Imagine being in the driver’s seat of your own learning.

That’s GripTape.

In 2015, we started working to create a different way to learn. Since then, more than 3,600 young people have taken advantage of the chance to learn what they want in the way they want to learn it. Now, it’s your turn!

How can I be part of GripTape?

If you’re 14–19, have an interest or passion you want to pursue, and need resources to do it, apply for the GripTape Learning Challenge.

Our application is open
Jan 1-31, May 1-31, and Sept 1-30.

If you’re an adult who wants to support young people as they explore their interests or passions, apply to be a Champion. It only takes a little time to offer encouragement, interest, and belief to a GripTape Challenger.

If you would like to support GripTape, please consider donating.


Mission Statement

We give youth who are seeking access to resources and opportunities the support, respect, and authority to pursue learning in their own way.

Our Models

Are you interested in learning more about the how and why of GripTape’s approach?

We’ve compiled some of our favorite resources to help you get a better view of what we do. Whether you want to know more about how we designed and continue evolving the Learning Challenge or our vision for Champions, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking to learn here.

If you want to partner with GripTape, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at partner@griptape.org.

Learning Challenge Overview

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Champion Model Overview

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GripTape Operation Overview

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Rapid Learning Cycles

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Setting Up a Youth Leadership Board: Real Power in the Hands of Young People

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Who is on the GripTape team?

Everything that GripTape does is driven by its small but dedicated team.