Annette Dunlap

Senior Operations Manager

“I am inspired by working with youth, and I believe in the power of experience as a driving force in a young person’s development.”

Annette connects with everyone.

Annette sits at the heart of a small but mighty team, ensuring that each member has what they need to achieve their goals. She is responsible for managing the behind-the-scenes work that keeps GripTape running. She is passionate about supporting others and brings a warm, joyful, can-do orientation that is infectious.

An advocate for education reform, Annette does not shy away from creative solutions to help aid our education system.  After studying in the Dominican Republic, she pursued a degree in Africana Studies. Before joining GripTape, she worked in the New York City Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery which served homeowners whose residences were significantly affected by Hurricane Sandy. She worked closely with families to help them successfully navigate complex processes, from applying for temporary housing to securing home grants and construction services. 

When she’s not at work, Annette enjoys playing video games with her family and throwing parties for her loved ones.

GripTape team member since 2018

Location: Atlanta, GA