Melody Estevez

Director of Research

“I’m inspired by how resilient and thoughtful young people are, and I’m passionate about learning from their stories.”

Melody drives learning. 

As Director of Research, Melody oversees research processes from data collection to impact reporting and manages relationships with external research partners. She is excited to support internal learning while contributing to the broader youth development field by leveraging GripTape’s insights and impact to inform and inspire others. She is committed to amplifying youth voices and engaging young people as drivers of their learning.

Before joining GripTape, Melody worked as program coordinator at the Lower Eastside Girls Club, directly connecting girls and young women to healthy and successful futures through art, movement, STEM, business, and wellness classes. As liaison for girls, parents, and community partners, she played a critical role in facilitating communication and collaboration. She worked to ensure girls’ voices and perspectives were heard and valued, while also building strong relationships with parents and community partners to support girls’ development and success. Melody earned dual degrees in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies. 

Melody is a proud Bronx native and enjoys trying new recipes in the kitchen, caring for her cats Macho and Magneto, and dancing.

GripTape team member since 2020
Location: Bronx, NY