Thea Ranelli

Senior Fellow

“I deeply believe in the power behind youth-driven learning and want to give every young person a chance to explore their passion.”

Thea envisions and designs the future.

Thea is the Jr. CEO of GripTape where she is learning how to start, lead, and grow a nonprofit organization. Her role includes everything from directly shadowing the CEO to assuming full responsibility for multiple workstreams within the organization. 

Thea was a GripTape Challenger in 2019 when she explored her interest in stocks and investing. After her Challenge, she went on to serve as a Champion while earning a degree in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. She’s excited to use her fresh perspective to expand GripTape in new and innovative ways! 

When Thea is outside the office, she spends her free time biking around the city and playing various sports with her friends.

GripTape team member since 2019
Location: Brooklyn, NY