Alice Liu

Youth Leadership Board Member

“I believe that fulfilling learning emerges when you feel inspired to take risks and let the magic begin.” 

Alice adores art. 

Alice was a GripTape Challenger in the summer of 2022, and her Learning Challenge on illustration propelled her to pursue interior design and urban planning as a career. She joined the Youth Leadership Board to support its mission to provide youth with the opportunity to chase their passions through an autonomous learning environment because she believes that if there is an interest, it’s worth pursuing.

From high school to college, Alice shifted from studying STEM to design when she realized that this was her passion, even with rudimentary experience prior to applying to design school. She loves writing, film, illustration, and anything artsy! In the future, she hopes to create sustainable design solutions to help tackle the housing crisis in NYC while caring for the environment.

Outside of academics and having quality time with friends, Alice likes to crochet and upcycle old unworn clothing to create unique and sustainable fashion for her closet. Alice enjoys a relaxing afternoon with green tea while scribbling thoughts or doodles in her sketchbook. She is also a Studio Ghibli enthusiast!

GripTape team member since 2023
Location: New York, NY