Caelin Foley

Youth Leadership Board Member

“The best learning is done outside of the classroom.”

Caelin reaches out.

Caelin began her journey with GripTape in the summer of 2020 when she completed her Learning Challenge, which focused around building a chatbot to help the Undocu+ community in Delaware navigate legal services, health care, and more. Now, as a Youth Leadership Board Member, she works primarily on GripTape’s Ambassador program, which aims to help alumni spread the word in their communities. In addition, Caelin supports the GripTape team’s collaboration with Cornell University’s 3-year research project examining the impact of the Learning Challenge model on young people’s sense of purpose, agency, and self-esteem.

Caelin was raised in Delaware and currently lives in the Philadelphia area where she studies biology, health, and peace, conflict, and social justice. She hopes to pursue a career in community medicine and give back to communities that are often underserved and overlooked.

Outside of school, Caelin enjoys thrifting, spending time in nature, exploring the city, and meeting new people.

GripTape team member since 2021
Location: Philadelphia, PA