Cassidy Whaley

Youth Leadership Board Member

“Education is meant to be innovative — discovery would not exist without novelty.”

Cassidy solves problems.

Cassidy, a Delaware native, has worked with GripTape as a Challenger and as Lead Ambassador. Her Challenge — a culmination of her love for language and identifying intersectionality — prompted her to share GripTape’s values with youth all over the country. Cassidy joined the Youth Leadership Board to continue sharing youth-led learning in a greater capacity. 

Cassidy’s love of learning stems from her interest in English, language, and coding. Her post-secondary career will be spent pursuing English, law and society. As she progresses further in her academic career, she hopes to combine her interest in coding with her other areas of study. 

In her spare time, Cassidy enjoys visiting the library, browsing at an art museum, or listening to music. 

GripTape team member since 2023
Location: Wyoming, DE