Hope Habia

Youth Leadership Board Member

“You are who you are — go kill it.”

Hope pushes boundaries.

Hope’s digital illustration Learning Challenge equipped him with the tools and confidence necessary to breathe life into his visions. Through GripTape, he developed a passion for bringing ideas to fruition. He adores every aspect of the creative journey, from conception to materialization. Above all else, Hope values perspectives that push the envelope and bring something new to the table. Through the Youth Leadership Board, he hopes to spark disruptive ideas that empower GripTape.

A Texas native, Hope was born and raised in the culturally vibrant city of Dallas. The metroplex’s overwhelming diversity has allowed him to interact with several unique perspectives that make him who he is today. Although an introvert, Hope enjoys connecting with “cool” people from all walks of life, considering their stories a valuable form of education. An active member of his community, Hope devotes his time to fostering safe, educational, and exciting environments, whether it be at school or at his local art museum. He uses art to serve his community, frequently volunteering his design skills for school initiatives.

A modern-day Da Vinci in his own right, you’re likely to catch Hope either reading (picture books), writing (internet comments), or drawing (baseless conclusions) in his spare time.

GripTape team member since 2023
Location: Dallas, TX