Ira Washington

Youth Leadership Board Member

“Curiosity will take you far, passion will lead you in the right direction.”

Ira seeks opportunity.

Ira has always had a love for environmentalism and advocacy. That’s why, during the winter of 2021, he designed a Learning Challenge to study climate change and debunk myths surrounding it. Ira joined the Youth Leadership Board to provide youth with new opportunities. He firmly believes that learning experiences are at their best when you’re passionate about the topic because you’ll always want to learn more.

Ira has a solid background in environmentalism, DEI advocacy, and politics. He works with many organizations, politicians, and local programs to gain experience to excel in his future endeavors. Inspired by marine biologist and environmentalist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, he wants to discover ways to use and preserve the ocean for the fight against climate change and environmental justice. He founded an organization called LYFE (Leading Young Fascinated Environmentalists) to spread awareness, educate others, and inspire youth action around climate change. 

Advocacy aside, you’ll often find Ira listening to music, singing, writing poems, and spending time with his dog, Lola.

GripTape team member since 2023
Location: Newark, DE