Seun Ogundimu

Youth Leadership Board Member

“Kíkọ́ ni mímọ̀” — A Yoruba proverb meaning “Knowledge comes by learning.”

Seun traverses the unknown.

Seun is a GripTape Youth Leadership Board Member who spends much of his time studying government and neuroscience, areas that grow out of his passion for medical justice and equity. He aims to become an ER doctor, focusing on eliminating racial stereotypes and disparities within the medical field.

Seun’s GripTape journey started with his Learning Challenge in 2020 through which he developed a plan to launch a high school gospel choir, studied music theory, and created his first gospel song. He loves music and plays the alto and baritone saxophone as well as piano. Seun also raps and creates afrobeats (music coming soon!).

Seun’s passion for GripTape stems from being a Challenger. To him, learning music became a liberating and transformational experience, despite the fact that much of his musical endeavors occur far outside of the classroom. He hopes to invoke a passion for self-guided learning in young folks throughout the country by working to spread GripTape’s resources to youth who may have never had the opportunity to explore their passions outside of school.  

GripTape team member since 2021
Location: Cambridge, MA